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"Acoustic Guitarists Astonish!" ~ The Orion, Chico, CA

"This is one of my all-time favorite shows at the Freight." ~ Heidi Trefethon, Sound Engineer, The Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, CA

"You know that I hear A LOT of great guitar playing; I’m very lucky. But your concert was among the very best that I’ve ever heard!" ~ Jennifer Martin, concert producer for Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

Larry Pattis tributes:

"Pattis approaches every note with the ethics of a perfectionist, but without sacrificing the passionate center his compositions inhabit. You may find yourself wondering if guitar music has ever sounded this good." ~ Salt Lake City Weekly

One of the "Top 10 Best Acoustic Music Artists of the Decade" ~ International Acoustic Music Awards

"Larry Pattis is a fine guitarist. But more than that, Pattis is one of the few solo acoustic players on the scene today who is a true composer, a crafter of songs...Pattis uses structure in his music to develop melody, harmony, and rhythm so that each tune draws you in to listen to what is going on...showcasing why people like to listen to Larry Pattis play guitar: he makes it sound beautiful." ~ Minor 7th, Kirk Albrecht

"Come be enthralled, entranced, transported and inspired...an original, empathic and powerful guitar virtuoso." ~ Bay City Arts Center

"Clear and resonant mastery" ~ Missoula Independent

"Larry Pattis blends the emotional commitment of folk and the prowess of classical, a harmonious union of beauty, melody, nuance and technique that demand and reward serious listening." ~ Montreal International Jazz Festival

"sweet, soothing, soaring, soft, sharp and sincere" ~ V. MacIsaac, Rambles

"Through his articulate style and intimate song themes (both playful and reflective), Larry captures the essence of soulful songwriting. Soothing and enchanting, (listening to Pattis) is a must for those who love great acoustic guitar music." ~ The Sounding Board

Guitar virtuoso Larry Pattis is always a treat to hear...(he plays) solo guitar that shows how many directions a man can lead an audience with just two hands and the proper instrument. Pattis leaves no doubt as to his skills as a composer, player and arranger … a lesson for the ears, heart and soul about acoustic guitar music." ~ Salt Lake Tribune, Dan Nailen

Winner, "Best Instrumental" ~ 5th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards, 2008

"Larry Pattis' music is candid and sincere. The notes come across with clarity, as if he were selecting words or colors to talk to each one of us, individually. We can almost imagine him sitting there contemplating the landscape that he loves and, as we listen, we sit beside him and share this special moment. Each tune is like a private conversation, an invitation to an attractive garden of his. No doubt that his future musical wanderings will be like a morning jog in a field of virgin snow." ~ Pierre Bensusan