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The American Guitar Masters Touring Concert Series features some of America's top solo acoustic guitarists. Presenting a variety of tours, solo and combined, each concert features master musicians at the top of their game in styles ranging from ancient Celtic ballads and virtuosic instrumental gems to American Roots and contemporary masterworks. Songs, instrumentals, solos, and duets that reveal a mutual devotion to the heart and soul of great acoustic music. Their common vision is in bringing forth the highest level of emotive qualities of the acoustic guitar; their common goal is to delight the audience with landscape and mood of the life experiences that are the foundation of their music.

Each tour is different, but all have artists with numerous awards and recordings to their credit and perform widely across North America: experienced performers at venues ranging from The Montreal International Jazz Festival to The Millennium Stage at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC to the legendary Club Passim.

A theme is evident in today’s world: music is accessible as never before. But something may have been lost in the process: intimacy - the quality of the musical experience to transport the listener to his or her own place, above the noise and confusion of the culture. American Guitar Masters Concerts bring that intimacy back to the audience. This means the artist must provide much more than music that is pleasantly diverting. It must be music that not only entertains, but is also evocative and engrossing, with roots in tradition and a sense of history, while addressing and capturing the sounds, rhythms, and urgency of the contemporary world.

Intimacy in performance also involves more than simply having notes come out of the guitar. It involves establishing a deep connection between the artist and the audience, with a deep respect for the audience on the part of the performer. The music must be compelling, to be sure, but the concert experience must also be much more than the artist saying, in effect, “Sit there and watch me play.” It must honor the audience.

Rare indeed is the guitarist that brings this passion and effortless mastery to the musical journey. With American Guitar Masters we find world-class artists united in cause and spirit, bringing life to their music as only they uniquely can.