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Larry Pattis

Larry Pattis

Named one of the "Top 10 Best Acoustic Music Artists of the Decade" by the International Acoustic Music Awards, Larry Pattis has been a featured headline performer at such illustrious venues as the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Freight & Salvage, Club Passim, Godfrey Daniels, the Turning Point, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC, and many more.

Pattis, a Chicago native, experienced music in his early years, from Bach & Mozart, to Allan Sherman, Benny Goodman, and more on the hi-fi at his grandparent's apartment on the near-north side of Chicago. It wasn't until his senior year of high school that he chanced upon solo acoustic guitar music. Smitten with folk and Classical guitar music, Pattis also discovered the still thriving greater Chicago folk music scene at clubs such as The Earl Of Old Towne, Amazing Grace and more…and he found himself influenced as much by the touring singer-songwriters as he was the guitar music itself. He began performing in the local coffeehouses and on-campus at Indiana University of Bloomington, IN during his college years.

The Montreal International Jazz Festival said, "Larry Pattis blends the emotional commitment of folk and the prowess of classical, a harmonious union of beauty, melody, nuance and technique that demand- and reward- serious listening."

Yet, beyond the words and accolades, in listening to his superb recordings or experiencing the magic of a live concert, Pattis succeeds in merging styles of instrumental guitar music not normally found together in the same room. Both Folk and Classical styles seem to be fully represented within Larry's playing and compositions, and although devoted to the emotive side of the instrument, he demonstrates considerable technical prowess. His musical vision is a blending of beauty with technique, bringing forth the many voices that the steel-string and classical guitar can manifest. Like that of classical guitar masters, Pattis' music is filled with strong melodic content and rich harmonic counterpoint, supported by moving, evocative rhythms and he allows the experiences of life to influence his writing. His pieces are inspired by his relationships to places and friends, but also to the strong emotions we all have in common.

"Clear and resonant mastery" — Missoula Independent